7 Signs Your Laptop Needs a New Battery
7 Signs Your Laptop Needs a New Battery

Just like any other electronic component, laptop batteries age over time and are not immune to the effects of wear and tear. They have a limited lifespan that can vary depending on factors such as usage patterns, charging habits, and battery quality. Typically, laptop batteries last between two to four years before they start to show signs of deterioration. But how can you tell if your battery is nearing the end of its lifespan and it’s time to replace it? Let’s look at the telltale signs indicating your laptop may need a new battery.

Low battery on laptop1. Your battery is no longer holding a charge as it once did

If your laptop used to last for hours on a single charge, but now it can barely make it an hour before dying, it’s a clear sign that your laptop battery is losing its capacity. As your battery ages, it becomes less efficient at holding a charge, resulting in shorter battery life. If you find yourself charging your laptop more frequently than before or notice that the battery drains rapidly, even with minimal use, it’s time to consider replacing the battery.

Plugging in laptop to charge

2. Your laptop takes forever to charge

Another obvious sign that your laptop battery is crying out for a replacement is if it takes an unusually long time to charge or fails to charge altogether. Healthy batteries charge quickly and retain power efficiently, allowing you to use your laptop on the go in no time. If you see that the charging process is noticeably slower than before, your laptop charges only partially or doesn’t charge at all despite being plugged in, you’re likely dealing with a failing battery.

Woman stressed in front of laptop that shut down3. Your laptop shuts down unexpectedly

If your laptop suddenly shuts down, even when it shows a decent battery percentage, the problem may lie with your battery. As the battery’s capacity diminishes, it may struggle to deliver a consistent and stable power supply to your laptop. Consequently, your device might power off without warning, leading to data loss and disruption to your work or activities. If you’re experiencing frequent and unexplained shutdowns and you’ve ruled out other potential causes, a worn-out battery might be the culprit.

Overheating warning on laptop4. Your laptop overheats

While laptop overheating can be attributed to multiple factors, it can also indicate that your battery is malfunctioning. When a battery starts to deteriorate, it often generates excessive heat during charging or usage. If your laptop is getting unusually hot, even during basic tasks like browsing the web or watching videos, it's essential to investigate the possibility of a failing battery. Overheating can also damage other internal components of your laptop if not addressed promptly.

5. Your battery is swollen

A visibly swollen or bulging battery is a serious issue that requires immediate attention. If you notice that your laptop's bottom panel is warped or if the trackpad feels unusually elevated, it's likely that the battery is expanding. Swollen batteries may damage other internal components and pose a safety risk, as they can potentially leak or even explode. In these cases, it’s best to refrain from using your device and take immediate action, as battery replacement is not just recommended but necessary.

Battery settings on Windows Laptop6. Your battery indicator shows inconsistent readings

If your laptop battery percentage fluctuates erratically or the indicator fails to accurately reflect the battery’s actual state, it may be a sign of an aging or faulty battery. For instance, your battery indicator may drop from 60% to 20% in minutes. Or it may show 10%, prompting you to plug in your laptop, only to suddenly jump to 50%. These inaccurate readings can make it difficult to estimate how much battery life you have remaining, meaning it would be impossible to rely on your laptop for critical tasks or when you’re on the move.

7. Your operating system notifies you

Operating systems like Windows or macOS are designed to provide users with helpful notifications regarding their laptop's battery health. If your operating system consistently displays warnings related to your battery's performance or suggests replacing it, it's a clear indication that there is something wrong with your laptop battery. Ignoring these messages could lead to further complications, so it's advisable to heed the warnings.

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