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  • How to share your Chromebook screen on your TV wirelessly: Streaming with Chromecast
    How to share your Chromebook screen on your TV wirelessly: Streaming with Chromecast
    You probably already know how to connect your Chromebook to your TV using an HDMI cable. But that isn’t the only possible option when you want to share your Chromebook screen on your TV and watch movies, TV shows, or videos on a larger screen. You can also connect your Chromebook to your TV wirelessly, and there are a few ways to do this.
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  • Free up storage on your Chromebook
    Free Up Storage on Your Classroom Chromebook
    Despite being an excellent option for students and teachers due to their many advantages, one of the disadvantages of Chromebooks is their limited local storage. Chromebooks are primarily cloud-based devices, so they rely more on cloud storage than local storage. Sure, premium models have storage capacities from 128GB to 256GB, but most budget-friendly Chromebooks usually have between 16GB and 64GB of storage space.
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  • How to use AirPods on a Chromebook
    AirPod Chromebook Pair Tutorial
    Although AirPods work best when connected to an Apple device, you can also use them with multiple non-Apple devices, including your Chromebook. Yes, AirPods and Chromebooks are compatible via Bluetooth, and it only takes a few minutes to pair and connect them. If you want to use your AirPods – or any other Bluetooth headphones – on your Chromebook, we will show you how to connect and disconnect them and what to do if you run into some connection problems.
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  • Best Chromebooks for K-12 Students
    Best Chromebooks for K-12 Students

    Chromebooks have become essential educational tools in the classroom and at home, given the remote learning over the past couple of years.

    They’re secure, affordable, and easy to use and manage, providing countless benefits to educators and students.

    There are many great options to choose from, but here is our selection of some of the best budget-friendly Chromebooks for K-12 students.

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