Education Repairs

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Working with students who use devices?

The Repair Depot
specializes in the education market.
The Repair Depot was created to provide affordable and reliable repairs for schools and districts across the nation. Together with our insurance partner, Worth Ave. Group, we provide insurance and warranty services alongside, electronic device repairs.

The Repair Depot offers 3 programs developed to meet your school's needs. All programs are fully customizable to accommodate each district.

1. Parts Supply - If your school district repairs devices in-house, The Repair Depot can provide high quality, low cost parts. By purchasing parts in bulk we are able to provide deep discounts to those searching for common electronic parts such as laptop screens, iPad screens, etc. Submit a Parts Quote request form to obtain more information about how we can help you keep your repair costs low. 

2. Repair Services - The Repair Depot can take care of all your repairs. Shipping boxes can be provided to you in advance to eliminate one day of shipping/repair time. It's vital each tablet or laptop be repaired quickly so the students are not left without a functional device. The district may directly pay for all repairs or ask that the parents pay for damage caused by the student. Repair payments can be made online and by mail.

3. Insurance/Warranty with Repair Services - The Repair Depot fully endorses Worth Ave. Group as the largest writer of electronic device insurance policies. Your district can work with Worth Ave. Group to obtain insurance and/or warranty coverage for each device. Then, The Repair Depot will work with Worth Ave. Group to handle all repairs on covered claims. Worth Ave. Group policies cover perils such as theft, accidental damage, screen cracks, liquid damage, lighting strikes and more.

Regardless of your school district's needs, The Repair Depot will work with you to find repair solutions that work. Contact us today for more information about our Education Repair programs.